Heather Scribes

What is scribing?

Graphic Recording (also known as scribing or sketchnoting) is a real-time illustration of your conversation created while you talk. It’s a form of note-taking blending words and imagery that evolves through a discussion or presentation, capturing the thoughts and ideas for the audience in the moment. This capture can anchor an audience in a complex topic, particularly in cross-cultural contexts, and is both a valuable recall tool for event participants and for sharing ideas and outcomes with anyone who was not there.

Graphic Recording has many versions; the most popular being with the recorder in front of the room with a large board so the audience can experience the conversation simultaneously audibly and visually, fostering higher impact knowledge absorption and comprehension. It is increasingly done digitally and virtually, live-streamed to screens the group can see, or shared in smaller format videos and images on digital platforms for conferences and group interaction.



Heather scribes real-time using large boards on-site at your event


Heather joins your event virtually, providing digital support

Workshop Canvases

Heather designs and creates an engaging virtual whiteboard for your team or event

About Heather Klar

Heather has been scribing full-time since 2009 and is equally skilled in-person or capturing content virtually. Heather has extensive experience across large and boutique consulting firms, serving a diverse range of industries, Fortune 100’s, startups, non-profits, large-scale trade fairs and exclusive executive engagements.

She has a keen ear for detail, which is reflected in her bold graphic capture. Relentlessly observant, invariably resourceful and delightfully witty, Heather brings both depth and zest to team and individual engagements.

Heather is a legally registered freelancer in both the EU and US and currently splits her time between Berlin and New York. She happily travels for work, regularly taking in-person engagements across Europe and North America.


Heather Klar

Berlin, DE